Unite shop stewards and reps can now construct a bespoke, fully laid-out collective agreement online in a matter of minutes, using the Collective Agreement Builder.

Model agreements can be used as the basis to work from, selecting and amending sections and clauses to build an agreement appropriate to your workplace.

You can currently create bespoke agreements from the following templates:

  • Agency Workers Agreement
  • Trade Union Facilities Agreement
  • Home Working Agreement
  • New technology Agreement
  • Apprenticeships Agreement
  • COVID-19 Lockdown Agreement

Login and build your agreement here:

*NB: You can also search agreements covering thousands of workplaces across the UK and Ireland, and upload your negotiated agreements to share with other Unite reps using the Collective Agreements Database. And once there you can add clauses to your scrapbook and then import to the Collective Agreement Builder.

Here is a quick "how to" video to show you how it works: