Decent work for all #Fightfor5


Decent work is a human right. Unite seeks to give workers like you a voice on matters that affect you at work. By standing together and campaigning we can win decent work for all.

Join us in campaigning to win the 5 things that make Decent Work For All!

1. A wage you can live on
We all need a pay rise – and joining a trade union is the best way to win one. Trade union workplaces get 7% better pay than those without trade unions.

2. Safe, secure work
All workers should be treated with dignity, in work that does not harm your health with workplace rights from the day you start work. Trade unions ensure you can enforce these rights when you need to.

3. Guaranteed hours each week
Too often flexible working just means insecurity. The use of forced zero and short hours contracts needs to stop! We can win better contracts by organising and campaigning together

4. Training, development and career opportunities
We need positive routes into work, with training and development at work and not forced free labour on pain of losing benefits. Instead, we should have proper apprenticeships.

5. A collective voice and union representation
Organising together means strength in numbers as people act together in trade unions at work. Without this things like your pay and contract are just decided by your employer.

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