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Defend the Right to Strike - Retired Members Committee

Shrewsbury 24 | A victory for trade unions

Watch Unite retired member Terry Renshaw tell how the Shrewsbury 24 campaign won its 47-year fight for justice

6 September 1972 seemed like a normal day, there was a national building strike, but apart from workers exercising their democratic right to strike there was just a normal day's picketing, no battles, no fights, no complaints or even arrests by the police, but months later a selection of pickets were picked out and prosecuted by the state in a travesty that would take almost 50 years to overturn. Check out the page dedicated to the Shrewsbury 24 campaign victory - Shrewsbury 24 | A victory for trade unions after a 47-year fight for justice.

68 is too late | Don't raise the state pension age

Together with the National Pensioners Convention and the Scottish Pensioners Forum, Unite is calling on politicians of all parties to scrap any plans for state pension age rises, now, or in the future.

We must continue until we get a commitment from all major parties that they will not raise the state pension age in the next parliament.

On 2 May 2023 Unite handed in our 37,000-strong petition to the Department for Work and Pensions – however we must continue until we get a commitment from all major parties that they will not raise the state pension age in the next parliament.

Let's drive home our message to parliament: Workers will not be made to pay for decades of politicians' bad choices. We create the wealth in this society, and we deserve a share of that wealth in our old age. Find out more on Unite's 68 is too late campaign.

Campaigning for outstanding bus services

National conference, Saturday 17th June, 11:00-16:00, in York and online

Our privatised bus services are failing us: Unreliable and infrequent services, high fares, even more cuts threatened. The Yorkshire and Humber Pensioners Convention is hosting a national conference to discuss how we can build effective campaigns locally and nationally by sharing experiences from around the UK.

The opening plenary session with national speakers will be followed by workshops to develop future activities. To register for the event please visit the YHPC website or email YHPC or call 07837 7996888 and download a copy of the conference flyer.

Annual Orgreave Rally 2023

Support the campaign for truth and justice on Saturday 17th June 2023, 1pm at Sheffield City Hall.

The annual Orgreave rally organised by the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign will commemorate the 39th anniversary of the miners’ strike police riot at Orgreave.

Full details & RSVP here.

Unite retired members: What we do

Unite retired members campaign on any issue affecting retired workers, through Unite and also through the National Pensioners’ Convention, the Scottish Pensioners’ Forum and the TUC Pensions Committee. We don’t just campaign on retired members’ issues, we support all workers in struggle and campaign on issues such as:

  • Dignity in retirement – an end to pensioner poverty, safe, accessible public transport, properly funded social care and health services, universal benefits such as the free bus pass, TV licence for the over 75s, winter fuel allowance and NHS prescriptions.
  • Better communities – better care in the community, securing decent public services, ending poverty, stronger social cohesion and safe, secure and affordable homes for all
  • Decent work for all – ending zero-hours contracts, job insecurity, low pay and demanding better career opportunities

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What does Unite Retired Members Plus membership get me?

RMA bannerFor just 55p a week your Unite Retired Members Plus membership gets you:

  • Access to dedicated solicitors with experience in representing RMP members and their immediate family members in personal injury claims, serious injury claims, road traffic accident claims, medical negligence claims and industrial disease claims
  • Access to Unite Legal Services for support with conveyancing, will writing, probate and power of attorney
  • Free legal helpline for RMP members and their immediate family members for up to half an hour of free advice on non-work related matters
  • Access to funeral benefits
  • A discount at The View Hotel in Eastbourne
  • And more...

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