Retired from work but not the fight

Retired members are active members of Unite who campaign for pensioners’ rights and social justice including the state pension, health and after-care, transport and social care.

Unite is committed to recognising the important role and achievements of retired members who have helped create our vibrant union, and their continued participation is vital to ensure our new members understand and learn from the achievements of the past.

Unite also welcomes new retired members who want to get involved. By joining Unite Retired Member Plus your unique experience and skills too can support the political and campaigning work of the union.

Unite’s retired members are passionate about making a difference, not just for them in retirement but for their grandchildren, family and friends. We all live in the same community and our families are facing problems today many of us thought we’d left behind in the last century.

Our retired members support our campaigns for:

  • Decent work for all; ending zero-hours contracts, insecurity, low pay and few career opportunities
  • Better communities; securing decent public services, ending poverty, stronger social cohesion and safe, secure and affordable homes for all
  • Dignity in retirement; an end to pensioner poverty, safe, accessible public transport, properly funded social care and health services, universal benefits such as the free bus pass, TV licence for the over 75’s, winter fuel allowance and NHS prescriptions

Steve Turner, Unite assistant general secretary, Community & Retired members - 020 7611 2635