Q    How do I join the scheme?
A    Contact your Unite regional office 

Q    How do I pay for the scheme?
A    Payment details are as follows:

  • By monthly or annual direct debit (along with your membership subscription payable to Unite), extra £1.25 or £15 respectively, or
  • via ‘check-off’ (whereby your employer deducts £1.25 per month from your wages to pay Unite). 

Q    Who do I contact in respect of any payment queries, cancellations, and amendments?
A    Contact your Unite regional office

Q    Will I receive a letter confirming I have joined / paid?
A    Yes, ask your Unite regional office for a cover letter.

Q    Will I receive a certificate for the CMM cover?
A    You will not receive a certificate individually but you will receive a confirmation (cover) letter. The policy is in the name of Unite, with you being a named beneficiary.

Q    How do I renew the cover?
A    The cover will automatically renewed each year unless you tell your local Unite regional office otherwise or membership ceases.

Q    Am I covered for private/self-employed work?
A    No, cover only applies when employed.
Cover will apply when employed in the private sector but will not apply if member is self-employed – i.e. working for a fee as opposed to being employed.

Q    Am I covered for my agency work?
A    Most agencies dealing with health professionals are deemed to be the employer and therefore the member will be covered. If there is doubt, the member should be asked to check with the agency that they hold vicarious liability insurance for their health professionals.

Q    Why do I need CMM– I thought that membership of the union was sufficient cover? 
A    CMM should not be confused with other forms of “cover” and support by the union. These are:- 

  • Membership of the union entitles members to advice and support in workplace matters including grievances, disciplinary procedures and employment tribunals. 
  • Membership of the union entitles members who are statutorily registered health professionals to support and advice if investigated by a regulatory body and also the support of the union’s lawyers should a case go to a hearing.  
  • CMM is there in case a member should, for example, be sued by a patient or client for malpractice.

Q    Would pharmacists be protected in criminal proceedings for manslaughter?
A    Cover does not operate for criminal acts. 

Q    Would I be protected in criminal proceedings for manslaughter?
A    No, cover does not operate for criminal acts. 

Q   Are midwifes covered?
A    No midwifery activities are covered, however if the midwife is involved in non-midwifery activities that would ordinarily be covered by the scheme, then he/she would be covered for these other activities (e.g. if a member is a registered midwife but also a Health Visitor, the Health Visitor activity would automatically be covered assuming they are members of CPHVA).

Q    If I think I might need to claim, what do I do?
A    At the very first inkling that a claim, prosecution, inquest or inquiry might arise, inform the Unite Regional Officer immediately. It is important that you do not admit any liability at this stage.

Q    How does the union CMM policy relate to the NHS Litigation Authority provision and employers vicarious liability?
A    The CMM policy is written on a contingent basis, and would only therefore operate in the event the NHS Litigation Authority provision or your employers vicarious liability fails.

Q    I am already a member of Unite and pay my union contributions by direct debit. How do I apply to the CMM scheme?
A    Please contact your Unite local region office and they make the appropriate adjustments for you.

Q    Who is behind the cover?
A    The policy is underwritten by Marketform Lloyds Syndicate 2468 via Marketform Limited. The policy holder is ‘Unite the Union’, with blanket cover given to union members who opt for the cover (or where it has been automatically included as part of their membership). Members will not therefore have a separate policy in their name, and the payment of £15 or £1.25 is not an insurance premium but a way of reimbursing Unite for the cost they have outlaid. Unite the Union are introducer appointed representatives of Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers Ltd provide advice to Unite about the overall suitability of the policy, but neither Unite or Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers Ltd give advice to individual Unite members. Unite are only authorised to introduce business and cannot discuss the policy with members in any detail. Members decide whether to take the policy on a non-advised basis having read the details on Unite’s website or other printed documents.

Unite the union is an introducer appointed representative of Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers Ltd. Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority