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Unite is commitSign up for Unite courses online todayted to providing a full set of educational courses in each region and nation of the union. Please refer to the programme of courses in your region and once you have completed regional stage one and two reps courses, Unite’s national residential course programme is designed to provide further development and specialist courses for Unite reps.

Unite’s commitment to delivering education courses for union reps also recognises that where reps cannot attend stages one and two work place reps, and health and safety courses in your region, there is an alternative national course provided.

Some courses are designed as advanced courses for senior reps. The course description gives you an outline of what the courses entail. If you are unsure whether you will benefit from attending these courses, please discuss this with your Regional Officer or Regional Education Officer for advice as to whether to apply for such training.

Please complete the national course application online or print out and return the paper form attached below. Please note that the course numbers are limited and the National Education Department will confirm your place travel and accommodation approximately eight weeks before the course takes place. Check out the full list of 2023 Unite Education residential courses

We’re committed to helping reps & members by delivering training which encompasses our union’s policies.

Find your area below to see what 2023 courses are available to you and when: 

Mental Health Courses run by Unite the union Education

Unite as a trade union recognises that there are many issues that affect our members, their family members, friends and colleagues.  Such issues as stress and mental health cannot and should not be ignored. 

This is why Unite the union aims to:

  1. Provide tools to our representatives and negotiators which will assist them to reduce and  prevent stress and promote good mental health.
  2. Educate and increase awareness about mental health issues.

To achieve our ambitions we have organised the following course:

  1. Mental Health Awareness.

For the Mental Health Guides please click below

Contact your regional education department for course availability. Click here.

The CCNSG National Course

The CCNSG National Course is a two-day course for basic site safety with the CCNSG National Card valid for three years from date of successful completion of the course.
For booking information to apply for the course or for a renewal course please click here.