Lifelong Learning landing pageWe have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in identifying and developing flexible learning opportunities for members and potential members, enabling them to embark on a learning journey of their choice. 

Our highly motivated team has worked closely with union learning representatives over the years, creating robust relationships with employers and education providers, underpinned by learning agreements. Thousands of members have been able to increase their personal skills and qualifications through a range of courses, increasing their employability long term. The Unite lifelong learning team also takes great pride in delivering the member retention strategy to the benefit of our members and our union. 

In parallel with education opportunities being offered to working people, we also focus on brining their skills and knowledge to use witin the community. This enables more people to access education through flexible programmes, breaking down barriers to learning and helping local communities to develop new skills. 

If you would like to get involved in accessing a flexible education programme then please contact a member of the Unite lifelong learning team who will be able to advise and guide you on the opportunities available.

Kenny Barron, Head of Lifelong Learning

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