The health & safety assessment

ECS test 2 Candidates sit an online assessment consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions, in 30 minutes.

The pass mark is 85% ie 43 correct answers out of 50.

Candidates will know their test results immediately the assessment is completed.

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ECS H&S book

Preparation & revision
Assessment questions are randomly selected from a database of approximately 400. For preparation and revision purposes, candidates will be emailed an electronic copy of the JIB's specimen ECS question and answer book, in which they will find examples of the questions that they may be asked in their assessment. Candidates should receive this information at least 10 days before taking the assessment to enable sufficient revision time as recommended by the JIB. This is a 'closed book' assessment so no revision materials are allowed into the exam room.
Candidates sitting a site visitor assessment will also receive a 50-question paper as described above, but this will not include any questions taken from the section entitled ‘Electrotechnical’ from the JIB specimen question and answer book.

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