Unite Credit Union Service: finance without fear - call 0808 196 3653

It is a sad fact that although many Unite members have access to the full range of financial products including credit cards and loans, a large number are financially disenfranchised. They may have been Unite credit unionrefused loans from high street banks and have been declined for credit cards so they often need to borrow small amounts to buy household appliances or just to cover essential living expenses. Having being refused credit by mainline financial institutions, these members can fall victim to loan sharks and pay day lenders charging exorbitant rates of interest. Thus those with the lowest incomes have to pay the highest interest charge.

As a result, Unite has set up a Credit Union service which aims to provide members and their families with access to affordable finance and competitive savings products.

What is a credit union?
A credit union is not-for-profit co-operative that aims to provide affordable financial services for members and their families. The members are the shareholders and the focus is to make sure that any profits are distributed back to the members and with all products the members get the best possible deal.

The Unite Credit Union Service has been set up using a network of existing regional credit unions. This means we can provide a local service through a credit union that is already established and you can access their services locally.

The Credit Union Service is available to Unite members aged 18 and over, and family members including Junior Savers.

How does the Unite Credit Union Service work?
The Unite Credit Union Service provides savings and loan and other financial products to Unite members. In order to access these you must become a member of the Credit Union. There may be a nominal charge to do this – no more than £5 depending on your region and circumstances.

Once you are a member, you have access to a range of simple, affordable products which are designed to help you get hold of your finances!

The service is regionally based and you can find out more about what facilities are available to you by contacting Unite Credit Union Service central phone line on 0808 196 3653 or by email.

Alternatively, please click on the following link: Unite credit union service where you can complete a form to register and your details will be passed to your nearest credit union who will contact you within 48 hours (excluding weekends).