A great call for Unite members

The people's operator

Help Unite campaign on issues like saving our NHS and fighting zero hour contracts, by switching to the mobile network that give back.

Unite has joined forces with The People's Operator to give you the UK's Best Mobile Deal. At just £14.99 per month on a rolling contract Unite members can get:

  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited texts
  • 3G of data

So, with TPO, Unite members get more for less and 10% of your spend goes straight back into Unite causes at no extra cost to you.

The People's Operator is a different kind of mobile network that:

  • shares 1/4 of their profits with UK good causes
  • stands by the living wage
  • sources all material responsibly
  • uses the UK's biggest 3G network

Joining TPO is easy - you can talk to their UK-based, in-house Help Team, 7-days a week. It's simple to bring your mobile number over and you get cash and credit rewards for every member you bring to the network.

As well as their unbelievable Best £14.99 Deal, TPO is offering Pay Monthly deals at £5, £10 and £12- as well as fantastic Pay As You Go deals, with top-ups that double your money.

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