Enhanced Membership gives you extra financial protection

In addition to the core legal and industrial support provided to members, UniteEnhanced Unite benefits also offers a package of valuable protection benefits which provide important security for you and your family. Unite's benefit package for our Enhanced members is second to none across the whole trade union movement.

At just 30p/33c a week extra to our basic membership you can have access to this vast range of benefits*:

  • Fatal Accident Benefit up to £50,000/€55,000
  • Permanent Disability Benefit up to £25,000/€30,000
  • Loss of Limb/Eye/Digit Benefits up to £10,000/€12,500
  • Sickness benefit up to £1,275/€1,530
  • Maternity/Adoption/Shared Parental Benefit up to £390/€468
  • Paternity Benefit up to £30/€36
  • Convalescent Benefit: Up to two weeks stay at the View Hotel Eastbourne
  • Reduced Income Benefit

If you haven’t upgraded yet to Enhanced click on the “Upgrade Your Membership Today” to view our easy application form.

The following policy documents explaining our benefits and benefit application forms can be downloaded below -

  • Upgrade your Unite membership today
  • Policy and Guidance Benefits UK
  • Policy and Guidance Benefits ROI
  • Sickness Benefit Form UK
  • Sickness Benefit Form ROI
  • Parental Benefit Form UK
  • Parental Benefit Form ROI
  • Reduced Income Benefit Form UK
  • Reduced Income Benefit Form ROI
  • Funeral Benefit Form UK
  • Funeral Benefit Form ROI

Application forms for other benefits are available by contacting your local office

*All benefits have terms and conditions.