Executive Council members

The Unite Executive Council election for the period 2023-2026 closed on Tuesday 25 April 2023. The council holds office from Monday 1 May 2023 to Thursday 30 April 2026. The list of members by regional, industrial and national equalities constituencies is as follows.

Regional constituencies

East Midlands  Dawn Borthwick & Raffiq Moosa
Ireland  Marie Casey & Bridie McCreesh
London and Eastern  David Agbley, Paula Brennan, Daniel Collins & Jane McGuire
North East, Yorkshire and Humberside  Michelle Smith & Andrew Dyer
North West  John Lynch & Jacqueline Wilson
Scotland  Eddie Cassidy & Sylvia Stewart
South East  Hayley Garner & Max O’Donnell-Savage
South West  Caroline Baikie & Suzanne Muna
Wales  Kerry Owens & Steph Wilkins
West Midlands  Maggie Ryan, Nick Wareing & Vanessa Williams

Industrial constituencies

Aerospace & Shipbuilding  Steven McGuiness & Mark Porter
Automotive Industries  Debbie Dempsey & Craig McDonald
Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Process and Textiles  Cliff Bowen
Community Youth workers and not for profit  Ruth Hayes
Docks, Rail, Ferries & Waterways  Andy Green
Education  Ken Drury
Energy and Utilities  Nick Jeffery
Engineering, Manufacturing and Steel  John Clarke & Carl Needham
Finance and Legal   Jacob Goddard & Carolanne Watson
Food Drink and Agriculture   Matt Gould & Nicki Holland
Government, Defence, Prisons & Contractors Chris Cadman 
Graphical Paper and Media & Information Technology  Tom Murphy
Health Suzanne Abachor, Lesley Mansell & Steve Thompson 
Local Authorities  Brian Robertson & Kathy Smith 
Passenger Transport  Paul Ainsworth & Patricia Davis
Road Transport Commercial, Logistics and Retail Distribution   Mick Casey & Andy Rafferty 
Service Industries  Mark Barnes
Unite Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians  Stuart Grice & Tony Seaman

National Equalities constituencies

National Black and Asian ethnic minority seat 
Susan Matthews
National disabled members' seat  Martyn Gwyther
National LGBT+ members' seat  Jenny Douglas
National Retired members' seat  Phil Wiseman
National women's seat  Angela Duerden
National Young members' seat  Frankie Leach

To contact the Executive Council please either send an email or write care of the general secretary who will forward any post received - Executive Council, c/o General Secretary, Unite the union, Unite House, 128 Theobald's Road, London, WC1X 8TN.


The 2020-2023 Unite Executive Council members that held office from 22 June 2020 to 30 April 2023 can be seen on this page - Unite Executive Council members 2020-2023.  

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