Unite is a modern trade union for the 21st century, democratic and responsive to member's needs.

Our structure is one in which members are encouraged to get involved and have their say. Here you can find information and links about the Unite executive council, the structure of the union, having your say, the Unite rulebook effective from Rules Conference 2019 and EC Guidance on the implementation of rule

Please note: Printed copies of the rulebook are available to members from their regional office, and members that require braille or large print formats may request this by emailing Unite's Support Unit.

Information on the following can be found or downloaded from this page:

Branch standards 

The Unite Executive Council has agreed on a policy on branch standards which is available below. This sets out the standards which will be used to define an active Unite branch.

The Executive Council has also agreed on a set of model standing orders for branches as required by rule. Branches may adopt these to fit their own particular circumstances.