Pay deals keep on bubbling up in June, wins at airports take off and construction workers’ pay is put on a sound footing.

Unite’s forensic approach to accounts means that when negotiations open reps are armed with the information that shows individual companies can afford to pay workers a better wage.

coke cansOne such example was at soft drinks giant Coca-Cola. Summer supplies of the UK’s favourite soft drinks are now safe after Coca Cola finally agreed to share a greater proportion of its £1.85 billion profits with workers. The deal sees lowest paid technicians receive a 16.6 per cent increase to their salary, with the highest paid technician receiving over 10 per cent and the lowest paid clerical workers will receive over 18 per cent. Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “This is a well-deserved pay increase for Coca Cola workers. The famous soft drinks company made an astronomical £1.85 billion in profits. It’s only right that the workers on the factory floor get a fairer share of the profits they help to make.”

And there was more Unite pay premiums at Manchester airport after Unite struck a pay deal for some 2,000 workers worth up to 17 per cent over two years plus a lump sum worth up to 9.6 per cent for the same period. And not only has there been a pay rise, but Unite is at the fore in protecting conditions, Sharon Graham added: “Unite’s relentless focus on the workplace continues to put more money in workers’ pockets. The negotiations at Manchester Airport has also protected the defined benefit pension scheme for another five years. It’s proof that Unite is delivering on its promise to fight for jobs, pay and conditions.”

And in a string of success stories across Scottish airports, Unite has recently announced pay deals involving hundreds of members. Around 275 workers at Edinburgh airport will receive a 12 per cent increase on basic salary and shift pay along with a one-off cash payment of £1,000. A further 100 workers employed by Glasgow Airport Limited will receive a 7 per cent increase on basic salary rates and allowances along with a £1,000 one-off payment. Ground services crew employed by Menzies Aviation will receive up to 11 per cent on basic pay.

At Glasgow airport around 250 workers at ICTS Central Search will receive a phased increase worth up to 11 per cent. The wage deal will see a number of other improvements to the terms and conditions of Unite members including no zero hours contracts and a move to guaranteed hours; the creation of 20 full time equivalent posts; and significant increases to shift allowances.

On top of that over 2,000 security officers at Heathrow Terminal 3, 5 and Campus Security who are responsible for checking all airside workers and vehicles were due to take 31 days of strike action throughout the summer, however following the announcement of industrial action their employer Heathrow Airport Limited returned to negotiations. Unite regional co-ordinating officer Wayne King said: “The solidarity and dedication of Unite’s reps and members was fundamental in ensuring HAL returned to the negotiating table with an improved offer.”

Under the deal the workers will get a 10 per cent increase to all basic salary, shift pay and allowances, followed by a further rise from October 2023. Direct deployment (when workers can be switched between terminals without warning) will end, agency workers will be phased out and there will also be improvements in maternity and paternity pay.

Construction workers operating under the Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC) agreement will receive a substantial increase in pay in July following negotiations led by Unite. As well as a compound pay rise equivalent to some 7.49 per cent, travel and subsistence allowances will also rise, as will sick pay. The employers have also agreed to look at improving conditions further and with the CIJC predominantly covering civil engineering around 500,000 workers will benefit from the agreement. Sharon Graham said: “This is an important deal that not only increases workers’ wages but also establishes a pathway for improved conditions for a huge number of construction workers ... both the pay increase workers will receive coupled with planned improvements in conditions, demonstrates the value of being a member of Unite.”

So whether in construction, in the factory or at the airport, the one common theme is Unite winning for workers, to protect and improve your jobs, pay and conditions join Unite today.