Your Unite general secretary in action | Fighting for jobs, pay and conditions

“I have been elected to do what it says on the trade union tin – fight for jobs, pay and conditions. Now is the time to build strong, effective trade unionism at every workplace.”

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham

Since taking office at the end of August 2021, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham has led Unite from the front, visiting workplaces and taking the trade union to the front line of disputes.

Standing in solidarity with members in dispute at Actavo

Sharon Graham, the leader of Britain's leading union Unite, joined striking scaffolders employed by Actavo at British Steel in Scunthorpe in early December to show ‘steadfast support’ for the workers. 

"We cannot allow national agreements to be ignored, both Actavo and British Steel must pay the rate for the job. Unite will escalate this dispute to make sure that workers get the rate." - Sharon Graham, Unite general secretary

Taking action at Weetabix

Watch Unite general secretary Sharon Graham backing workers at Weetabix: "It's wrong for companies to try and sack workers and then rehire them on worse wages and conditions. This is exactly what is happening at Weetabix.

“Unite won’t accept that, we will use every resource available to defend our members."

And under Sharon Graham, Unite has delivered 100 days of wins in workplaces across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Fighting for jobs, pay and conditions – check out some of the key wins in the first 100 days and to find out more follow @UniteSharon on Twitter.

Watch 100 days of wins