Unite general secretary in action

Your Unite general secretary in action | Fighting for jobs, pay and conditions

Watch Unite general secretary Sharon Graham in action

Winning for workers, inspiring action to win - August 2023

July 2023 Winning for Workers - How Unite has secured £400m for Unite members

BBC Radio Analysis | July 2023 -  Sharon Graham on strikes and why instead of blaming inflation on workers’ wage rises it’s high time the governor of the Bank of England tackled the profiteers of corporate Britain. 

June 2023 #SteelSOS emergency 

Unite's Sharon Graham marched to Westminster with steel workers and met MPs to call for urgent action to preserve jobs and ensure the future of the UK’s steel industry.

Sharon Graham on BBC Laura Kuenssberg - February 2023

Ambulance Strike, Chorley - Sky News - January 2023

General Secretary, Sharon Graham: Political Thinking Interview with Nick Robinson- January 2023

Sharon Graham on occupational pension schemes- January 2023

We will not sit back and watch this Government run down our #NHS - November 2022

Unite Investigates Budget context - November 2022

Sharon Graham's interview on Sophie Ridge on Sunday-October 2022

Sharon Graham - one year of leadership - August 2022

Sharon Graham speech at Durham Miners Gala - July  2022

Sharon Graham on BBC News - July 2022

100 days of wins - December 2021

Sharon Graham TUC Fire and Rehire - September 2021


Back to the workplace

“I have been elected to do what it says on the trade union tin – fight for jobs, pay and conditions. Now is the time to build strong, effective trade unionism at every workplace.”

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham

Since taking office at the end of August 2021, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham has led Unite from the front, visiting workplaces and taking the trade union to the front line of disputes.

Two years of wins 

And under Sharon Graham, Unite has delivered hundreds of wins in workplaces across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Fighting for jobs, pay and conditions – check out Delivering on Jobs, pay and conditions – two years on and to find out more follow @UniteSharon on Twitter.


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