Unite is the union for the 21st century, meeting the greatest challenges facing working people today. It is a democratic and campaigning union, which fights back for employees in the workplace, protects workers' rights and takes trade unionism out to millions of unorganised workers.

It is a union that stands up for equality and advances members' interests on a political and national level. Unite is also active on a global scale building ever stronger links with trade unions around the world to confront the challenges of our globalised economy.

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Why join?

When you acquire a trade union membership, you'll be able to access a wide range of benefits and services, as well as protection and support in the workplace.

Unite the union member benefits include things like free financial planning and advice; legal support; funeralcare; insurance deals and a variety of rewards and discounts for various retailers. Why not check out our Member Benefits section to find out more?

In the meantime, click here for 10 more good reasons to join Unite the union.