Unite has established an independent inquiry into allegations that its trade union officials colluded with the construction industry to blacklist workers. The Inquiry is now sitting and is interested to hear from people if you are/were a construction worker and you believe that you were a victim of blacklisting and that this was linked to trade union collusion.

In April 2022, Unite the union established this independent inquiry into allegations of collusion between trade union officials and the construction industry bosses that contributed to the blacklisting of construction workers.

In response to the allegations Unite has instructed a legal team to examine, investigate and to report on whether or not trade union officers within Unite the union (including those that merged into the union, primarily Amicus, the TGWU and UCATT) had been involved in blacklisting in any way.

Find out more from The Independent Blacklisting Collusion Inquiry and check out the Independent Blacklisting Collusion Inquiry Terms of Reference [PDF] and the Unite / Independent Blacklisting Collusion Investigation data sharing agreement and privacy notice [PDF].