As Unite’s newest sector Service Industries brings together a vital and growing set of workers in the UK & Ireland. It consists of CMA which covers Royal Mail, Post Office and Parcelforce managers along with professional sales agents, hotel, hospitality, casino, security, cleaners, maintenance, non-food retail and care home workers.

The new sector gives a renewed focus and organising challenge in this expanding UK sector where many of these workers are subjected to low pay, poor conditions and zero hour contracts.
The sector has already kicked off campaigns in the hotel and facility management industries and our successful fair tips campaign in hospitality has exposed tipping and service charge shams where some restaurant and hotels are skimming off tips from waiters and chefs. This high profile campaign which won huge support from the general public has forced the government to launch a consultation process which Unite believes needs to end the failed voluntary code of practice make it law where all tips go to staff and not the company.

Rhys McCarthy, Service Industries sector national officer