The MoD & Government Departments sector is one of 24 industrial sectors of Unite. Our sector brings together Unite members who work in similar workplaces, or for a common employer, in the MoD or for a government department.

By bringing you together, we can bargain better on your behalf - and we can make sure your reps and shop stewards get the best support to meet your needs, and faster.

In this section, we unite members in the MoD with colleagues in the civil service, the Prison Service, research establishments and self-contained entities such as the Royal Mint. We also have many who were formerly employed by the Civil Service but whose jobs have been outsourced or privatised yet their work is still very much part of our sector.

What unites us is that we all work in the public sector. It is a sector facing a great deal of change, and is under repeated attack. Our aim is to defend your jobs, you terms and conditions and to protect these vital public services.

Our democracy needs YOU
We also want you to play your part in upholding our union's strong democratic heritage. The election of local representatives and shop stewards is the job of you, the members, in each workplace. These reps, in turn, elect a Regional Committee to oversee the work of the sector in each geographical location. Finally, each Region elects delegates to a National MoD & Government Departments Committee and Conference. These bodies set policy for the sector and oversee the policy, organising and recruitment strategies.

The MoD & Government Departments sector is a church with many rooms. But we share common aims:
Our determination to retain, where applicable, Civil Service status;
Our opposition to the diminution of terms and conditions, especially in outsourced bodies; and
A commitment to hard bargaining and campaigning on behalf of our members as a whole.

Your terms and conditions, negotiated over many years by our union, must be protected. If you’re not a member, join online now!

Together, we are stronger. Together, we can safeguard your futures.