Unite has an active and well organised membership in the Government, Defence, Prisons & Contractors, research establishments and self-contained entities such as the Royal Mint. We also have a significant number of members who were formerly employed by the Civil Service and whose jobs have been outsourced or privatised.

Unite’s public sector membership is now in the hundreds of thousands, making your Union well-placed to represent the views and aspirations of the membership at every level, right up to the Cabinet. If you are not a member of Unite we strongly recommend that you join today.

Alongside our well-trained and dedicated workplace representatives and shop stewards, each Unite Region has a complement of full time officials who are experienced and well briefed on current sector issues. They will be working to help you.

We remain determined to retain, where applicable, Civil Service status and to oppose the diminution of terms and conditions, especially in outsourced bodies. Click here to read the sector strategy on pay, pensions, terms and conditions. This paper sets out a strategy for Unite to counter the governments agenda, highlights the key issues to date and how Unite intends to protect our members.

Jim Kennedy, national officer