Unite's profile, influence and footprint within the rail sector continues to grow, reflecting the additional resource's that Unite has dedicated to supporting our members whether they work on track, in cleaning grades, maintenance depots, engineering workshops, office administration, managers, rail professional grades or in the rolling stock manufacturing and supply chain companies.

Unite is a modern pro-active union to which rail workers are increasingly turning to. Change can not always be avoided, but Unite members can rely on professional representation from dedicated officers whose remit is to solve problems not create them.

Unite campaigns for a return to public ownership of the rail network and for a retention of British manufactured trains. We believe that the first step in overcoming the ever-increasing cost of rail travel is to end the cycle of privately owned rail companies, paying out dividends to shareholders from a company that would not make any profits if it wasn't for government subsidy.

We call for the integration of all transport, not only passenger services, but also the movement of freight by rail, air, water and road, to minimise its impact on the environment and on the working conditions of transport workers.

Unite calls for a fully accessible and affordable network so that nobody in society is excluded by virtue of their economic situation or some physical obstacle.

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