FAQs for Unite members at British Airways

Pay. So what’s happening?

The initial communications over the new pay offer were simply an outline of the proposal. Now that there is a detailed offer we are able to update members more fully. We've had a fair few questions which we hope to be in a position to answer.

Is this offer because of the pending strike action and consultative ballot across BA?

The 'a' scales terminal staff had initially rejected the 2022 pay offer and after a positive ballot on strike action Unite entered negotiations with BA. At the same time there was a wider consultative ballot over potential strike action over a breach of the ‘Good Faith’ clause contained in the 2022 pay offer in that BA offered additional new entrant pay to staff joining the Ground Support Services area. The Good Faith clause required ALL areas to receive an equal amount.

Both ballot results also indicated that a lot of people across BA were angry and absolutely prepared to take action if they had to. BA finally accepted this strength of feeling and recognised they needed to do something to improve morale.

This offer is the result.

So, what do I get?

All non-management grade staff will get a consolidated 5% increase to their basic, or personal basic pay, from September onwards. In addition they will receive a further 5% reward (bonus) payment at the end of August. This is calculated as 5% of your annual basic or PBP pay.

Furthermore they will get a consolidated 3% increase to basic or personal basic pay from 1st December onwards.

This is in addition to the 5% Pay uplift/reward payment previously paid in March and brings the total additional pay elements for 2022 to either an 8 or 13% consolidated uplift plus a 10% or 5% non-consolidated payment. Given that the RPI figure for January 2022 was 7.8%, this means everyone covered by the agreement will be better off in real terms.

What about pay 2023?

This offer is for 2022 only. Pay for 2023 will be subject to usual pay negotiations beginning at end of this year.

Will everyone get this?

Yes (if it is accepted by all Bargaining Units).

But it’s not just about pay what about other issues?

Obviously there are MOA /RMA issues that go beyond pay. Some of these have already been dealt with by local negotiations, however BA is fully aware that there needs to be ongoing discussions and have committed to talks in all areas regarding improvements and their intention is to address specific concerns (which they have already started in a number of areas). Therefore the new ‘offer’ from BA includes a commitment to 'rebuild trust' by dealing with such matters within 'set and agreed timelines'.

Does this replace Pay 2022?

No. This is an 'addendum' or an add on, and therefore an improvement to the previous agreement. The revised 'lay off' clause and the 'Good Faith' section still remain, as do all the other elements that are not amended by the offer.


It’s fairly straightforward: there is an offer on the table for members to consider, which significantly improves members pay, and commits to trying to move on from the toxic relationship built up during 'fire and rehire'.

What next?

That’s about it; it’s time for members to consider the enhanced pay on offer for the year as a whole. Accept the pay uplift or Reject, which would lead to the formal Industrial Action process.