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If you want to find out more about courses for union representatives please look at our Education section.  

If you want to encourage learning in your workplace, so you and your colleagues can get access to qualifications, new skills and new opportunities, you’ll be pleased to learn the West Midlands has a team of Union Learning Organisers dedicated to encouraging lifelong learning. 

We’ve been instrumental in helping people gain qualifications from Skills for Life in Literacy and Numeracy, through to NVQ qualifications in Warehousing.  We’ve also helped establish Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) around the West Midlands, and supported them in running Learning at Work events. 

We also work with members who have become unemployed, with our Back-2-Work membership programme; this reduces your membership while you are out of work, but helps provide access to training and learning to get you back into employment.  You can also use the services of the Unite4Jobswebsite to find employment in your local area. 

Find out more about Lifelong Learning, including how to get in contact with the team in the West Midlands.