For strong historic reasons the bedrock of Unite’s membership in the West Midlands remains in the manufacturing sector with the automotive and components industries at the very heart of our workplace organisation. However like the union nationally our occupational reach extends to virtually every sector of the region's economy from bus drivers to bank workers, health professionals to professional chefs.

Through our well trained workplace representative structure we ensure that members concerns are properly addressed and that expert back up is on hand through our network of district offices when it is needed. We have a proud track record of giving our members the confidence to deal with issues in the workplace and thereby build strong effective workplace organisation. As a well organised workplace gives a voice to our membership that means their employer has to listen to them.

In a culturally diverse region we are firmly committed to tackling income and social inequality. Equality of opportunity is at the core of our values and why we challenge discrimination in all its forms, including championing women’s rights in the workplace and tackling the abuses of agency workers.

Unite in the West Midlands knows all too well the impact of the austerity measures on our members, their families and the communities they live in. We understand that too many are struggling to make ends meet for a financial crisis that was not of their making. That is why we have joined with many other organisations to fight the cuts imposed by central government and we do this not just to save jobs or protect services but because we want to defend the fabric of our communities.

Unite the union in the West Midlands is an active and campaigning organisation which will help you to stand up for your rights in the workplace and beyond.