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Back your bus route campaign

Join the call for the Welsh government to safeguard against the cutting of bus routes

Buses in Wales are absolutely key to keeping the country moving. People rely on their local bus routes to get to and from work and to travel within their local communities. However, our bus routes are under threat.

We estimate that the Welsh government's upcoming withdrawal of the Bus Emergency Scheme (BES) funding to bus operators will result in the cancellation of between 35% - 45% of Welsh bus routes and hundreds of job losses across the sector.

We will not sit back and watch the bus services that communities across Wales rely upon be slashed, leaving workers, families and vulnerable people isolated and without access to public transport. This campaign calls upon the Welsh government to take action in order to ensure that bus routes in Wales are protected.

Why this matters

If you catch a bus, this matters to you. Whilst passenger numbers have not recovered post-Covid, they never will if services are cut across Wales. Without the Welsh government safeguarding against the cutting of bus routes you could experience 

  • Rural routes being withdrawn
  • Overcrowding on buses
  • Longer journey times
  • Longer waiting times at bus stops
  • Disrupted journeys/need to change more often
  • More congestion on roads due to an increase in car usage
  • Increased pollution and climate change due to more cars being on the road

Take action today

We need your support in calling on the Welsh government to safeguard bus routes across the whole of Wales.

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Back your bus route

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