Unite’s vision is firmly enshrined in our education programme which places an overriding emphasis on the training of our representatives. This is epitomised at the core of Unite education which is committed to the delivery of this union’s policies founded on the three pillars of Unite’s vision: organising, global solidarity and politics.

South West Education
Underpinning the support that our membership expects and requires is the development of our workplace reps, health and safety reps, learning reps and equality reps.

Unite education is concentrated, therefore enabling our reps to have the required confidence, attitude and skill set to deal with a magnitude of issues in the workplace, as well as the national and international arena.

As a consequence this empowers our reps to win in the workplace, campaign successfully, organise for growth and advocate both dignity and respect. Unite’s commitment to education is unequivocal as it is serious, providing accredited course which are fit for purpose and free to access throughout the UK and Ireland.

Upcoming 2021/22 education courses in the South West.

Matt Gillett - Regional Education Officer
Graham Gordon – Regional Administrator

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0117 370 1275

Unite education South West, Tony Benn House, Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6AY