As the world becomes smaller Unite members are becoming increasingly engaged in action to support workers and communities across borders and continents. Unite is affiliated to the following campaigning organisations. 

Action for Southern Africa 
ACTSA works with the people of southern Africa for justice, democracy and development in the region. 

ACTSA was established in 1994 as the successor organisation to the Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM), to develop and promote solidarity in the UK and internationally with southern Africa. 

ACTSA works to:

support the development of southern Africa.

  • support the people of southern Africa achieve a region free of poverty, based on, peace, justice, democracy, equality and human rights for all.
  • advance the education of the public on southern Africa, in particular on the destructive legacies of apartheid, the causes of poverty, underdevelopment, conflict and human rights.
  • promote friendship, co-operation, partnership and solidarity between people, organisations and communities in Britain and southern Africa and ensure the UK public are informed about developments in southern Africa.

ACTSA has longstanding and close ties with many organisations, including unions,  across southern Africa and in the UK. Unite is affiliated to ACTSA and has supported many of its campaigns, including work on Zimbabwe, Swaziland and justice for South African miners. 
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Burma Campaign 
Burma Campaign UK is part of a global campaign that works for human rights, democracy and development in Burma following the policies of Burma’s democratic movement. It plays a leading role in raising awareness about the situation in Burma, and pressuring the international community to take action in support of the people of Burma. 

As part of its work it has successfully persuaded the United National Security Council to discuss Burma for the first time and have convinced the British government to double aid to Burma and to fund cross-border aid. 

Burma Campaign supports the training of Burmese exile organisations and individuals, helping to give the people of Burma the opportunity to influence the international community. 
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Crisis Action 
Crisis Action works for and with organisations and individuals across civil society who act to protect civilians from armed conflict. 
Crisis Action is a catalyst and convenor of joint action, whose behind the scenes work enables coalitions to act quickly and effectively. As a coordinating body the organisation seeks no public profile or media spotlight; it is the voice of the coalition that matters. 

Crisis Action is an international organisation whose only agenda is the protection of civilians. We are open about our objectives, welcoming scrutiny from anyone who wishes to understand who we are and what we do. 
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Cuba Solidarity Campaign 
CSC campaigns for an end to the illegal and inhumane US blockade of Cuba and for freedom for the Miami Five - five Cubans unjustly held in US jails for more than 14 years, and denied visitation rights from their families. 
For over 50 years the US blockade has caused suffering to the Cuban people. It has been internationally condemned in consecutive votes at the United Nations since 1992. Despite US aggression, and being a poor country itself, Cuba has achieved world renowned health and education for its people, and is internationally praised for its internationalism – providing emergency medical brigades and training in developing countries. 

“Now, with the Miami Five imprisoned for more than fourteen years it is more vital than ever that we break the silence surrounding this case and increase the campaign for their freedom which is why I urge branches and members to affiliate to the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.” Len McCluskey 

Please help us to continue campaigning against the US blockade and for justice for the Miami Five by affiliating your branch today. 
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Justice for Colombia 
JFC campaigns for human rights, workers' rights and the search for peace with social justice in Colombia. 

Established in 2002 by the British union movement, JFC was created in response to the appalling human rights crisis in Colombia, and particularly the abuses committed against trade unionists. 3000 trade unionists have been assassinated in recent years. 

JFC campaigns on several issues, including to block the EU-Colombia FTA, to free political prisoners and to support a peace process which addresses the inequality at the root of the conflict. 

In addition, JFC has projects on the ground in Colombia sponsored by UK unions; supporting the opposition newspaper, working with displaced agricultural workers to protect their human rights, and to help unions improve their recruitment and organising activities. 
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Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group 
NSCAG has worked with trade unions both in the UK and in Nicaragua since the time of the Revolution in 1979. The current focus of our work is the 'Linking Young Trade Unionists Project', building sustainable solidarity links between young workers in the UK and Nicaragua. 

Through this work they aim to:

  • Publicise the situation in Nicaragua and build up active support in the UK labour movement and amongst the British people for Nicaraguan progressive organisations 
  • Channel political, material and moral support to partner organisations and communities in Nicaragua 
  • Build a solidarity campaign that is national in its scope, unified in its purpose and has organisational links to the UK labour and progressive movements
  • Work with trade unions has been carried out through NSCAG since 2004 when the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign became a charity. 

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Palestine Solidarity Campaign 
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) campaigns for peace & justice for Palestinians, in support of international law and human rights. Help us to build a new mass anti Apartheid movement for Palestine. 

Injustice and inequality should be opposed wherever they take place in the world. Just as the struggle against Apartheid South Africa was the key international issue for the trade union movement, so the struggle for Palestinians is a central issue today. 

The PSC is working with trade unions to create an unstoppable momentum for peace and justice. We campaign to end the siege and occupation, implement international law, and uphold Palestinian human rights. 

PSC is an independent, non-governmental and non-party political organisation with members from many communities across Britain. PSC is opposed to all forms of racism, including anti-Jewish prejudice and Islamophobia. 

Unite with the families of Shu’fat! The people of Shu’fat need your support and solidarity - please donate if you can, download the Unite leaflet and donate today.
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Stamp Out Poverty 
Stamp Out Poverty campaigns for additional sources of finance to bridge the massive funding gap required to bring the world’s poorest people out of poverty. 

Current avenues of development assistance are neither providing an urgent enough response to stop preventable disease and death nor generating the necessary funds to lift people out of poverty. 

Stamp out Poverty are committed to the implementation of additional sources of finance to provide reliable and predictable revenue to pay for long term sustainable development and to combat behaviour, particularly by the financial sector, which may cause poverty through economic and environmental harm to developing countries 

Stamp Out Poverty is one of the founder members of the Robin Hood Tax campaign, working for the implementation of Financial Transaction Taxes (FTTs). These are small levies (between 0.5% and 0.005%) on the trading of assets such as bonds, derivatives and foreign exchange by financial institutions, rather than individuals, which could bring true changes for the poorest among us. 
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Venezuela Solidarity Campaign 
Unite the Union is one of 18 national trade unions affiliated to the VSC, which campaigns to raise awareness about the progressive change taking place in Venezuela, and oppose external intervention into the country. 
In Venezuela in recent years, one of the most democratic and progressive governments in the world has extended free healthcare, education and workers’ rights, showing there are real alternatives to cuts and privatisation. Record levels of investment in public services have seen four million Venezuelans lifted out of poverty and the minimum wage become the highest in Latin America. 

However, hostile elements in the US and in the old Venezuelan elite do not intend to allow the Venezuelan people to determine their own future, with numerous attempts to overthrow the elected government. 

This is why international solidarity is so important - you can help by joining the VSC individually, affiliating your Unite branch and attending events. 
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War on Want 
Poverty is not an accident – poverty is political. The decisions of politicians in rich countries can mean life or death for people in developing countries. War on Want is an organisation that tackles the root causes of global poverty, and challenges those institutions of the world’s economic system that perpetuate that poverty. 

War on Want has campaigned to end the exploitation of workers in the supply chains for high street shops and supermarkets. Together, Unite and War on Want produced A Bitter Cup, a report focussing on the abuse of basic rights and poverty pay faced by tea workers in Kenya and India supplying our supermarkets. 

War on Want has a long history of working in partnership with both UK and international trade unions as well as with grassroots organisations in developing countries. We work with some of the most inspirational groups in Asia, Africa and Latin America.  In rural communities, factories, sweatshops, in conflict zones or on the margins of society we believe the best way to tackle poverty is to support those organisations that are best placed to find their own solutions for social change. 
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