"It’s time for UNITY not division. EQUALITY not discrimination. TRADE UNION RIGHTS not exploitation. SOLIDARITY not hatred."  Diana Holland, Unite assistant general secretary

Equality Representatives Conference

In 2021 the Unite Equality Reps conference was held online on 22 February 2021 where our speakers explained the importance of the role equality reps play in the workplace with emphasis on the equality impact of Covid-19 and the issues that have risen due to the pandemic both in and out of the workplace.

Please download the presentations and materials which were included in the event from the resource list below and follow hyperlinks to equality events that have taken place this year.

Your role as an equality rep

In your role as a union equality rep you work alongside other union reps to promote equality, tackle discrimination and to recruit, organise, represent and involve all members, with support and assistance from the union, other reps, union education, your regional officer and regional women’s & equalities officer.

“The union shall strive to have elected equalities representatives recognised and active in all workplaces and who participate in the work of the Union’s industrial structure” (Rule 11.1)

“At each workplace the members employed shall elect from amongst themselves at least every three years one or more equality representative” (Rule 18.1)

“Each Branch shall have for its management…and Equality Officer..” (Rule 17.7)