24-29 July 2022

Venue to be confirmed

Women’s National Week is held every year as part of the union’s commitment to encourage and support women’s involvement in their union.  There are four different courses to choose from, make sure that you put the name of your chosen course on your application form.

  1. Understanding Your Union and Getting Involved - This course is designed for less experienced women representatives who want to get more involved and covers: how the union works, promoting the Union in your workplace and community, and building confidence.
  2. Women Organising in the Workplace - This course for women representatives looks at strategic organising in the workplace, as well as the related legal challenges and workplace organising issues. It also covers the skills for representing women at work.
  3. Women Campaigning at Work - This course deals with the Unite women’s key campaigns such as Equal Pay and Union Equality Reps, as well as developing negotiating and campaigning skills to tackling workplace equality issues such as Family Friendly Rights, Women’s Health policies, Part-time working, and Sexual harassment.
  4. Leadership Development for Unite Women - This is an advanced course for experienced women activists who have attended other union education courses, and who now want to build on their union involvement and encourage others to get involved. It covers Leadership theories and the power dynamics of the worker-employer relationship for women, skills needed in the workplace, the Union, at conferences and in the wider community at all levels to maximise your union experience.

Follow this link to apply for the courses online. Please note you do not need to be a Unite elected workplace rep to attend any of these courses.

If you want more information about the courses please email Equalities with a contact number and we will call you to answer any questions you might have.