11 October 2023 marks 35th anniversary

Celebrate #NationalComingOutDay with Unite

On 11 October Unite will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of National Coming Out Day.

First celebrated in the US in 1988, this event aims to bring awareness to how LGBT+ people often have to navigate the complex and sometimes difficult process of coming out to everyone around them. A recent investigation by the BBC revealed that the number of reported homophobic hate crime cases has almost trebled - from 6,655 in 2014-15, the year same sex marriage became legal in England, to 18,465 in 2019-20. The investigation found that in the past year, there has been a 20 per cent rise in reports to police of homophobic hate crime.

However, anecdotal evidence would suggest that this could just be “the tip of the iceberg”. Many LGBT+ people still find it difficult to report hate crime and sadly, many just see it as being “part of life”. Did you know that…
• 19% of LGBT+ people are not out in the workplace
• 23% of LGBT+ people experience a negative reaction at work due to their sexuality
• 68% of LGBT+ people avoid holding hands in public due to fear of negative reaction

Recognising and celebrating LGBT+ people helps build visibility and recognition and helps break down barriers – like most examples of bigotry and hate, homophobia thrives in silence and Unite will continue its campaign to end the silence and to create a society where being “out” is not an issue. In 2023, no one should have to hide their true selves in “the closet”. Join us in our campaign to end homophobia, biphobia and transphobia once and for all.

  • Phil Jones, Chair, Unite National LGBT+ Committee
  • Sam Webster Moore, Vice-Chair, Unite National LGBT+ Committee
  • Jenny Douglas, Unite EC member for LGBT+
  • Harish Patel, Unite National Officer for Equalities