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Save union learning

At a time when tens of thousands of workers have lost their jobs or are at risk of losing them because of the economic fallout from the pandemic, the government’s decision to axe the union learning fund is short sighted and self-defeating.

TAKE ACTION: Please sign and share the petition:  tell the education secretary Gavin Williamson to reverse the cuts: Don't cut union learning

For over 20 years, the Union Learning Fund has helped people, who would not otherwise have had the opportunity, gain new skills and broaden their horizons. In the last year alone it has supported 200,000 learners to get new skills, such as basic English, Maths and computing skills.

Workplace training is not only hugely valued by employers and staff, it’s cost effective too. Costing just £12m a year, for every £1 spent, there is a return of £12.30. The net contribution to the economy is more than £1.4bn, through boosting jobs, wages and productivity.

Share your story

We also want to hear from you. Have you benefited from Union learning? Please share your story. Your experiences will help convince the government to reverse this ill-advised cut. Please take 30 seconds to share your story.

Email your MP:  To get started, enter your postcode in the box below. 

Ask your MP to tell the Secretary of State for Education to reconsider his decision and continue to fund Union learning. Enter your postcode in the box to get started. Please adapt the template letter and share your own personal experiences of how ULF has supported you, people you know or how local businesses have benefited. The more personal your letter, the more likely your MP will sit up and take notice. Don't forget to add your MP's name and yours to the template letter.

Email your MP: Save Union learning

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Email your MP: Save Union learning


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