Unite is demanding that women and girls have period dignity. By making changes in our workplaces, our places of education, and in society, women and girls will be able to have a positive period knowing that they are able to access sanitary products. Having a period is natural and should not be a source of awkwardness for anyone. 

"That time of the month" can be inconvenient and embarrassing for women and girls. It shouldn't be. For too long, women and men have shied aware from talking about periods. Unite believes that, by changing perceptions, we can tackle some of the wider issues around periods. We want access to sanitary products in the workplace and schools to be as normal as having access to things such as toilet roll.

What we want to achieve

  1. Change attitudes towards periods - periods should not be embarrassing for anyone
  2. Employers to provide sanitary products in the workplace - we want this to be the norm for every workplace
  3. Places of education to provide sanitary products for students and employees - we want this to be the norm so that young women's education does not suffer
  4. Support Period Poverty campaign groups. Women and young girls should have access to these vital products. Nobody should face period poverty

What can you do to help?

In your workplace...
  1. Ask your employer to provide sanitary products in their toilets for staff and visitors to use
  2. Display Period Dignity posters where you work
In your place of education...
  1. Write to the Chair of Governors or Headteachers of local schools to engage them with the campaign. A template letter can be found in the resources section on this page
  2. Contact local Councillors asking them to submit a motions to a Council meeting. If you don't know who your Councillor is, find out here.

What resources are available?

There are posters, leaflets, petition sheets and template letters. To request electronic or printed copies contact your regional office.

Want more information?

If you would like more information about our Period Dignity campaign, contact your regional office.