A message to Unite health members on Agenda for Change (AfC) in England and Wales


Your consultative ballot:
OPENS: 08/08/22
CLOSES: deadline in England extended: 30/09/22

What the government’s delivered, in real terms, is a kick in the teeth." Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham.

VOTE online today. This is an electronic consultative ballot. If you've not received an email or letter from us with a QR code linking to our online ballot, please email [email protected] or talk to your rep. Your vote is your voice - don't lose it. 

With real inflation at 12.3 percent, the government’s imposed £1,400 pay award for NHS staff, which works out at just 4 percent  for many, amounts to 'a massive national pay cut’. It will also lead to more NHS cuts, as there’s no extra money from the Treasury to fund it.

Our NHS heroes deserve better

So we’re giving YOU and every one of our NHS health members in England and Wales a chance to have a say on the government’s pay decision in an online consultative ballot.

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REMINDER: NHS pay is imposed not negotiated. Health unions do not negotiate with the government on NHS pay in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Instead, the UK government uses the NHS Pay Review Body (PRB) process to make decisions on NHS staff pay awards. Unite submits evidence to the PRB report.