Sharon Graham’s response to GDP update


Sharon Graham, general secretary, Unite the union:

“Today’s news that the economy is contracting underlines the need for a major reboot of our failing economy. The deep issue is decades of under-investment in our industries, critical infrastructure, and public services. From the sewage in our water to the crumbling schools, everyone except our political leaders can see that the current market free-for-all isn’t working.” 

“In the short term, the Bank of England needs to stop bashing workers with the blunt stick of interest rate rises while ignoring corporate profiteering. This is a broken tool for a broken economic model. In the longer term, we need sustained public investment to get the economy back on track. This means bringing energy into public ownership, a serious investment in just transition and collective bargaining that delivers real wage increases and public procurement rules that support jobs.”  

“It's time for us to build an economy that supports workers not the profiteers that have driven the cost-of-living crisis. This isn’t radical, it’s common sense."


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  • Unite is the UK and Ireland’s leading union fighting to protect and advance jobs, pay and conditions for members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Sharon Graham.