Members of trade union Unite will meet with Belfast City Councillors tomorrow (Tuesday) to launch a pledge-signing campaign in support of four Unite members, including a shop steward, who were wrongfully sacked last year in an act of union-busting.

WHEN:                 11.30am, Tuesday 19th September 2023
WHERE:               Belfast City Hall, gates facing Marks & Spencers

Councillors are being invited to sign a large pledge board committing them to write to the Murphy group outlining their concern at the company’s actions, and to write to Northern Ireland Water asking them not to engage the Murphy’s group directly or indirectly in any NI Water contracts.

Councillors will also pledge to lobby within their parties for colleagues to support the campaign and for the council not to award contracts to the Murphy group.

The pledge campaign will continue over a number of days.

Speaking ahead of the action, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: 

“Murphy’s behaviour is deplorable. It is guilty of flagrant union busting. No reputable employer should have anything to do with Murphy’s considering the manner in which it treats its workers, and no public authority should be awarding contracts funded by taxpayers’ money to the company. 

“Unite will never allow such attacks on members to go unchallenged and it will leave no stone unturned until Murphy does the right thing and reinstates the workers.”


For further information or an interview contact Davy Kettyles, Unite Senior Organiser, tel. 07971 385532; or Donal O’Cofaigh, Unite Press (NI), tel. 07810 157926.