After ten days of strike action at Dunmurry-based manufacturer workers vote by two-thirds majority to accept significantly increased pay offer

The strike at Survitec, a manufacturer of marine life-saving equipment, based at Dunmurry has ended after striking workers voted to accept a significantly improved pay offer from management. The workers voted on picket lines with a 67% majority to accept the deal and end their ten-day all-out strike action. 

The deal will provide the lowest paid workers with a 10% increase and with higher paid workers receiving 9% with a further one percent non-consolidated. The one-year pay deal will be fully backdated and represents a huge uplift from the original offer made by management and even the 6% offered by bosses on the eve of the strike action.

Unite General Secretary Sharon Graham congratulated the workforce on securing much improved pay increase.

“The workers at Survitec have voted with a two to one majority to accept a much improved pay offer from management. This will see the lowest paid workers receiving a fully-consolidated 10% and is considerably more than this company was offering even on the eve of their strike action.

“This successful outcome has been achieved by the workers’ organising and taking action. After ten days they have secured an increase that provides some protection in the current cost of living crisis. Unite is delivering on members’ jobs, pay and conditions.”

Regional Officer for the workforce is Neil Moore who welcomed the outcome.

“The Survitec workers have voted decisively to accept this much improved offer. It represents a big improvement on what was offered even the day before the strike action.

“These workers have demonstrated that what matters is the willingness to stand and strike together for ten days. These workers will return to work tomorrow confident of their collective strength in Unite.”