North Air and ABM latest to settle pay disputes 

Unite, the UK’s leading aviation trade union, confirmed today (30 June) that it has secured two new wage deals for workers based at Glasgow Airport.

Over 20 tanker drivers employed by North Air who supply fuel to Glasgow Airport backed a deal which raises earnings by 7.8 per cent. This equates to the annual income of North Air drivers increasing by around £2,700. North Air provides refuelling services for domestic and international airlines who fly into and out of Glasgow Airport.

Around 60 cleaners employed by ABM have also agreed a two-year deal which in the first year lifts the basic hourly pay by 11.1 per cent. The deal involves other enhancements including those who work the nightshift benefiting from having their shift rate rising by 12.3 per cent this year. 

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “Glasgow Airport is a runaway success for Unite. We are securing significant pay increases for our membership right across the board. Unite is completely focused on delivering better jobs, pay and conditions for our members, and Glasgow Airport is a great example of this.” 

Unite recently announced 50 Falck firefighters who perform fire safety functions at Glasgow Airport are set to receive an annual pay increase on average worth £3,262. A further 100 workers employed by Glasgow Airport Limited will receive a 7 per cent increase on basic salary rates and allowances along with a £1,000 one-off payment. 

Around 250 workers at ICTS Central Search also based at Glasgow Airport will receive a phased increase worth up to 11 per cent while ground services crew employed by Menzies Aviation will receive up to 11 per cent on basic pay. 

Pat McIlvogue, Unite regional industrial officer, said: “The pay deals at North Air and ABM were overwhelmingly accepted by our members. Over the last few months Unite has secured major wins for hundreds of workers at Glasgow Airport. This is not only providing a major boost to the pay packets of our members but also the local economy.”

The trade union remains in dispute with the OCS Group UK Limited over pay. The OCS Group workers aid passengers with reduced mobility issues including assisting with wheels chairs and ambilift vehicles for travellers at airports.