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For immediate issue, Tuesday 13 June 2023

Union negotiated pay deal adds the fizz at Coca Cola

Workers at Europe’s biggest soft drinks plant in line for increases up to 18%

Workers threatened strike action for a greater share of Coca Cola’s mammoth £1.85 billion profits.

Supplies of the UK’s favourite soft drinks are safe this summer after Coca Cola finally agreed to share a greater proportion of its mammoth profits with workers at Europe’s biggest soft drinks plant.

Crippling strikes were due to begin tomorrow (Wednesday 14 June) but a breakthrough in negotiations means there’ll be no walk-outs this summer.

The deal will see salaries increase between £3,476 and £3,876 in the first 12 months, with further increases to salaries from April 1st 2024.

The deal will see the lowest paid technician receive a 16.6% increase to their salary, with the highest paid technician receiving a 10.2% increase. The lowest paid clerical worker will receive an 18.1% increase to salary, and the highest paid will receive a 12% increase.

Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham said: “This is a well-deserved pay increase for Coca Cola workers. The famous soft drinks company made an astronomical £1.85 billion in profits. It’s only right that the workers on the factory floor get a fairer share of the profits they help to make.

“The workers are to be congratulated for joining forces and taking a stand.”

Coca Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) in Wakefield can produce 360,000 cans per hour, and 132,000 bottles per hour.

CCEP’s products include; Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Dr Pepper, Fanta, Fanta Lemon, Fanta Fruit Twist, Sprite. The plant also produces Schweppes: Tonic, Diet Tonic, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale and Lemonade.

Unite regional officer, Chris Rawlinson: “Supplies of the UK’s favourite soft drinks are now safe this summer. The threat of strike action meant Coca Cola finally agreed to share a greater proportion of its mammoth profits with workers.

“The union’s reps and members organised a fantastic campaign for better pay. It’s more proof that it pays to be a member of Unite.”


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