Ballot returns 68 percent vote to accept improved offer and end strike after two days.

Unite the union members employed at Lisburn-based manufacturer Creative Composites have ended their strike action after two days after workers voted to accept a significantly improved pay offer.

The two year deal provides a guaranteed 13 percent pay increase to all workers – with those on lower pay grades receiving up to 17.3 percent.

The pay increase will be backdated to the beginning of the year with workers receiving a further one-off payment of £250 at the end of the year. The pay deal is more than double what was initially offered by the employer (4.5%) and significantly more for the lowest paid than the last ditch offer made by management ahead of strike action (a two-year deal worth 12%).

Unite General Secretary Sharon Graham congratulated the workers on the successful end to their strike action.

“Yet again we see that workers can win significantly improved pay increases through collective organisation and action. The workers of Creative Composites have more than doubled the initial offer made by their employer – and secured some protection for themselves in this cost of living crisis. Question want a better deal? Answer Join Unite!” 

Regional Officer Neil Moore said,

“This is a huge win for these workers who voted with a more than two to one majority to accept this significantly improved offer.  This offers real protection in the worst cost of living crisis in a generation and will see the lowest paid workers enjoy a 17.3% increase in their pay over the year.

“The workers at Creative Composites return to work today after winning this improved deal after only two days of strike action. They will return with the confidence that they can secure real improvements through their trade union.”