Angry workers at KP Snacks are fed up with being paid peanuts while the company increases its profits by 275% since 2018.

Supplies of KP Nuts are at risk because KP Snacks refuses to give workers a fair portion of its multi-million pound profits.

135 workers at KP Snacks including low-paid cleaners will begin voting on strike action today (Monday 17 July). Strike action would shut down the factory and disrupt supplies of KP Nuts to pubs and supermarkets.

The company made £54 million in profit and has increased its profits by 275 per cent since 2018. In stark contrast, average pay at KP Snacks has fallen in real terms by 14 per cent since 2018.

To make matters even worse, the famous snacks brand has excluded the lowest paid cleaners from its pay offer. The hygiene team earn just £10.66 an hour, which management astonishingly call “the KP living wage”.

Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham said: “KP Snacks has increased its profits by 275 per cent since 2018. This year workers won’t accept being paid peanuts.

“To exclude the lowest paid workers from the pay negotiations all together is corporate greed in action. Especially when KP Snacks made £54 million in profit. The workers have Unite’s steadfast support.”

The current company offer is a below inflation 6% increase plus a £1000 one-off payment. The factory is the sole producer of KP Nuts, and is based in Hellaby, Rotherham.

Unite regional officer, Chris Rawlinson said: “KP Snacks in Rotherham is the sole producer of KP Nuts. So if the strikes go ahead pubs and supermarkets will be hit hard. Unite members are determined to get a fairer portion of the company’s huge profits. It’s time for management to put a serious pay offer to the workforce.”


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