Unite press release/photo opportunity

What: Unite for a Workers’ Economy delivers food parcels to the Highfield Food Pantry

When: 9.30am Friday 24 February 2023

Where: Highfield Food Pantry, Highfield Community Centre, Highfield Road, Cockermouth, CA13 9JF

Unite delivers food parcels amid poverty in Workington

“Some of our Marras are struggling”

Unite activists will deliver food parcels to Highfield Food Pantry in Cockermouth. Donations have flooded in from Unite recognised workplaces including Sellafield and James Walker & Co Ltd with a message of ‘solidarity not charity’.

The initiative, organised by Unite for a Workers’ Economy, comes after research for Unite conducted by leading polling company Survation revealed shocking levels of food poverty and debt in Workington. 16,337 (17%) residents in Workington are living in food poverty.

Michael Asbridge, Unite’s Sellafield Deputy Convenor said: “The fact we have food banks in this country is a failure. A failure of the political structure and politicians.

“We have a word we use in West Cumbrian communities - "Marra". It means a trusted friend. A workmate who you trust with your life. Marras are comrades who stick together.

“Some of our Marras are struggling. Their children are going hungry. Their daughters are missing school due to period poverty.

“This is why more than ever, trade unionists, and union branches need to come together and support our Marras by supporting food banks and Fareshare projects in their local communities.”

From workplace to community Unite is driving a UK-wide strategy to help bring change to ‘‎‎heartland’ ‎‎communities following the failure of politicians to act. ‘‎‎Unite for a WorkersEconomy’‎‎ has begun with a major national campaign across key battle-ground seats up and down the UK, including Glasgow, Grimsby, Hull, Leigh, Barrow, Workington, Morecombe and Crawley.

Brian Gorman, Volunteer for Highfields Food Pantry, Cockermouth said:‘Highfield Food Pantry seeks to soften the blow of high living costs, loosen the grip of poverty and help those struggling to meet every day needs.

“We have seen an increase in the number of people using our Pantry whilst at the same time supplies of food have diminished due to increasing demand nationally. The generous donations and contacts, given to us by Unite are especially welcome and gratefully received.”


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