What: Strike-breaking at Morrisons prompts protest

When: 9.00am - 10.00am Friday 24 February 2023

Where: Morrisons’ Head Office, Hilmore House, 71 Gain Lane, Bradford, BD3 7DL

Protestors expose Morrisons’ anti-union tactics in Gibraltar

Supermarket giant sits on millions but flew workers to Gibraltar to deny low-waged workers fair pay

Union stages protest at Morrisons’ Bradford HQ

Campaigners will stage a protest at the head office of Morrison’s in Bradford to expose shabby mistreatment and anti-trade union tactics directed against Unite members in Gibraltar.

Morrisons’ workers in Gibraltar have been on strike since 30 January in a dispute over a paltry 2.4 per cent pay increase when the retailer’s underlying profits for last year were a massive £828 million.

According to Unite, instead of negotiating to end the strike Morrisons wasted money by flying in UK workers to replace the roles of striking workers in Gibraltar – paying them £2 an hour more than workers on the Rock. This pay disparity is one of the main reasons for the dispute.

Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham said: “If Morrisons think it can sneak strike-breaking tactics into Gibraltar then, it should think again.

“These workers are doing the same job as they would be in the UK, with the same bills to pay.  Morrisons should be paying the rate for the job, it’s as simple as that.

“Morrisons can clearly easily afford to pay fairer wages, it is choosing not to. Our protest is just a warning shot. The union is ready to up the ante and do whatever it takes to win a fair deal for our Gibraltar Morrisons members.”

Workers in Gibraltar earn around £2 per hour less than their counterparts in the UK for undertaking the same job. The imposition of this pay deal means that the lowest paid worker at Morrisons Gibraltar will be paid just £8.47 per hour.

Last week, Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham wrote to David Potts the CEO of Morrisons supermarket chain to call on him to fund a fair pay increase for workers based in Gibraltar taking strike action to defend their living standards.


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