Unaffordable energy costs spark a grass roots movement

Households in Salterbeck have raised signs demanding “Take the Power Back” in their gardens showing support for renationalising our energy system – (photos attached).

Local residents gathered in Garnet Crescent for a protest on Thursday evening calling on local politicians to support public ownership of energy.

Unite for a Workers’ Economy spoke to 148 households and support for renationalisation was unanimous.

Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham said: “Energy companies have been plundering our communities while politicians look the other way. Residents in Workington are getting organised and are calling for action.” 

“The question is no longer can we afford to nationalise, it is how long can we afford not to? It’s time to pull the plug on the energy profiteers.” 

According to Unite research, energy companies made £45 billion in profit from the UK domestic energy system in 2022. If that money had been kept in public hands, it could have been used to save each household £1,800 on their energy bills.

Unite senior organiser, Joe Rollin said: “Households across Workington are sick and tired of unaffordable energy bills. Residents are calling on local politicians from all parties to back energy renationalisation.

From workplace to community, Unite is driving a UK-wide strategy to help bring change to ‘heartland’ communities following the failure of politicians to act. ‘Unite for a WorkersEconomy’ has begun with a major national campaign across key battle-ground seats up and down the UK, including Glasgow, Grimsby, Hull, Leigh, Barrow, Workington, Morecombe and Crawley.


The Unite Investigates research “Renationalising Energy - costs and savings” is  here: https://www.unitetheunion.org/unpluggingenergyprofiteers/

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