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What: A coalition of state pension campaigners will stage a protest at Parliament in Westminster.

When: Tuesday 2 May at 2pm, by the Houses of Parliament on College Green, SW1P 3JY.

Activists launch campaign against raising the State Pension age

Campaigners convene in Parliament with giant balloons with the message: 68 IS TOO LATE.

Supportive MPs and speakers from Unite, the National Pensioners Convention and the Scottish Pensioners Forum will press home the message.

The activists will then deliver a petition to the Department of Work and Pensions signed by 27,000 people.

Unite will join forces with the National Pensioners Convention and the Scottish Pensioners Forum to launch a campaign to demand that the Government rules out any further increases to the State Pension age.

Fearing a massive defeat at the next general election, on Thursday 30 March the government announced a delay to its decision on raising the State Pension age again until after the next election. The government had plans to bring forward the state pension age rise to 68, potentially as soon as 2037. 

But Unite maintains that the State Pension age is already too high – as it stands, it’s due to rise to 67 by 2028 and 68 by 2046.

Campaigners will drive home the message to Parliament that 68 is already too late and the Government must rule out further increases to the State Pension ahead of the next election.

Caren Evans, Unite National Officer for Retired Members, said: “With a general election just around the corner, it’s crucial we show politicians that we will not allow our state pension to be raided.”

“The state pension age is already too high and the government can’t be trusted on this matter. Ministers must completely rule out raising the state pension age any further. Cynically kicking the decision into the long grass to win votes just isn’t good enough. Workers can see through the Conservative Government’s game and we won’t let them get away with it.”


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