Unite Scotland News Release

For immediate issue: 26 October 2022

Unite calls on members to reject ‘new’ NHS Scotland Pay offer

New flat rate offer for NHS Scotland staff represents even less in a wage increase than the previously rejected 5% offer for some workers

Following a meeting of the Unite Scotland Health Committee, reps will call on members across the NHS in Scotland to reject the latest offer of a flat rate increase.

In a previous consultation of Unite members in August, 89% of the NHS membership rejected an offer of 5% (1): that represented a real terms pay cut for Unite members as the cost of living continues to skyrocket with RPI reaching a 40 year high of 12.6%.

Whilst the principles of a flat rate offer was something that Unite supported, further analysis meant that some workers would actually be considerably worse off following the ‘improved’ offer.

Unite General Secretary, Sharon Graham, said: “Thousands of vital NHS workers have made it clear that they are prepared to take strike action in their fight for better pay. The Scottish Government must take notice of the scale of the cost of living crisis confronting our members and take action now to ensure that NHS Scotland can make a better offer. Unless a deal that our members can accept is put together, the Scottish Government must surely recognise that the current dispute will escalate. 

Unite industrial officer, James O’Connell, said: “The principle of a flat rate increase is right and fair to address imbalances in pay across grading structures. However, ultimately this new offer would still not see experienced NHS workers with any real improvements in their pay.”

“Unite will begin balloting members this week, but NHS Scotland should be under no illusion that we will walk away from anything less than a decent pay rise across the board for all workers in the NHS.”