Unite leader Sharon Graham has called on Gibraltar’s government to step up for the Rock’s health and care workers in a solidarity message supporting a rally against poor working conditions and contracts within the sector.  

The rally will begin today (Tuesday 29 March) at 5pm, starting at Casemates Square and finishing at Number 6 Covenant Place, where the message from Sharon Graham will be read out by Unite Gibraltar health convenor Alex Nunez. 

In the statement, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham will say: 

“I am proud to declare my solidarity with our health and care workers in Gibraltar today, as you rightly protest against dangerous and unfair practices. 

“In the last two years we have all applauded the heroism of healthcare workers as you manned the front line against the pandemic. 

“So, it is a disgrace that in Gibraltar  instead of being properly appreciated for your work  your lives and jobs have been made worse.  

“The whole healthcare system is suffering from the misuse of insecure and short-term contracts, the abuse of non-renewals to deny workers employment rights and the mismanagement of resources due to political interference. 

“And now things will get even worse with the cancellation of relief cover for nurses.

“This is not only about standing up against the unfair practices that are destroying the morale of vital public servants – it is about saying no to policies that put vulnerable people at risk by preventing their continuity of care. 

“So now is the time for the government of Gibraltar to step up and show its appreciation for health and care workers in a way that goes beyond empty gestures.  

“Gibraltar needs a new deal to improve the health and care sector  for workers and for patients alike.

“So my message to Gibraltar’s health and care workers is: you will have my full support  and the support of all of Unite  as you continue to fight for justice.



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Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest union with members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Sharon Graham.