Unite calls on computer chipmaker Arm to halt job cuts and open up the books
Unite, Britain’s leading union, is calling on Arm the UK computer chip maker to “open up the books and freeze job cuts” following its decision to slash 15 per cent of the workforce despite being a profitable and successful company.
The union is calling on Arm to give Unite’s accountants full access to the company’s accounts in the light of its decision to make significant job cuts in this strategically important technology company, which supports highly skilled UK jobs. The company is based in Cambridge, also nicknamed Silicon Fen where there are 61,000 workers employed in the tech sector.
Unite regional officer Matthew Whaley said: “We call on Arm to open up the books and freeze job cuts now to allow Unite’s accountants to examine the company’s true financial situation. These are highly skilled technology workers. They can't afford to lose their jobs and the UK economy can’t afford to lose these skills.
“It appears that bosses want to reduce costs by targeting workers’ jobs while piling extra work on those left behind. The company has already told workers to take an effective pay cut worth thousands. Unite is calling for a comprehensive and transparent consultation and a freeze on job cuts.”

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Unite is the leading union in the UK and Ireland, dedicated to defending and improving members' jobs, pay and conditions. The general secretary is Sharon Graham.