Unite has secured a pay deal for around 20 tanker drivers employed by North Air who supply fuel to Glasgow Airport, the UK’s leading aviation trade union confirmed.

The deal, unanimously agreed by Unite members, will raise basic pay by 9 per cent, and it also includes a 9 per cent increase in shift allowances, bringing the North Air drivers total annual income up by around £3,159.

North Air provides refuelling services for domestic and international airlines who fly into and out of Glasgow Airport.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “The deal for North Air drivers will see their income rise by around £3,200 over the year which is a huge uplift. This is how this union responds to the cost of living crisis.

“Glasgow Airport is a success story for Unite; we are delivering serious pay for our members. Unite is all about delivering better jobs, pay and conditions and that’s exactly what we have achieved in this deal.”

The North Air deal follows a growing list of successes by Unite in the aviation industry with the pay of over 800 workers at Glasgow Airport being boosted over the last few months. This includes pay deals at ABM (9 per cent increase), ICTS Central Search and Hold Baggage Screeners (15 and 28.5 per cent increases), OCS Group (10.2 per cent increase), Loganair (11.2 per cent increase), and Menzies Aviation (9.1 per cent increase).

Pat McIlvogue, Unite regional industrial officer, said: “The pay deal for North Air drivers is another big win for Unite. Pay wins like this help to attract and retain tanker drivers to the industry. Over the last few months Unite has secured major wins for over 800 workers at Glasgow Airport which is providing a major boost to the local economy.”