Logistic drivers working for Turners of Soham based out of Grangemouth are set to begin strike action tomorrow (6 January) in a dispute over pay. The logistic drivers work on the Q8 Aviation Deliveries contract which provides fuel services for a number of major aviation companies

The strike action follows 100% of Unite members voting to take strike action, on a turnout of 100% at the end of December 2021, following a lack of progress after months of negotiations with the company. The current wave of strike action ends on 14 January at 24:00 hours with further dates to be planned in the coming weeks. 

Unite’s members based at Grangemouth have been offered an 8.7% increase, despite the same company awarding its drivers in the North West of England 17.5% in October of last year.

Turners of Soham reported an operating profit of £57 million in 2021 up from £34 million in 2019, and the company’s Managing Director, Paul Day, has a Rich List estimated personal wealth of £350M.  Paul Day has also made several statements about Turners of Soham being ‘massively impacted’ by a shortage of drivers, and that drivers need to be ‘valued and paid appropriately’ (1).

Unite General Secretary, Sharon Graham, said: “Unite logistic drivers working for Turners of Soham have unanimously backed taking strike action in this dispute over pay. The logistics sector is suffering from chronic staff shortages and the challenge of retaining workers. Therefore, its baffling why this profitable company is not offering our members the fair pay award they deserve. Unite will resolutely support our members taking strike action to defend jobs, pay and conditions, and we urge the company to get back round the negotiating table.”

Unite Regional Officer, Lyn Turner, said: “The strike action by logistic drivers based out of Grangemouth will have a significant impact on fuel supplies for major airlines. The pay negotiations have dragged on for months now with Turners of Soham adopting an intransigent attitude towards a key group of workers. The company has an incredibly healthy balance sheet and its Managing Director, Paul Day, has publicly said that drivers need to be ‘valued and appropriately paid’. Yet, it is refusing to award the drivers the pay rise they deserve. The first wave of strike action will end on 14 January with further dates forthcoming if no progress is made.”


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