Five local MPs have written to Actavo bosses to put pressure on the ‘intransigent’ company to end the dispute with scaffolders at British Steel. The workers have begun continuous strike action today (26 January) at the steel works in Scunthorpe.

Letters have been sent to Actavo from; Ed Miliband MP for Doncaster North (Labour), Stephanie Peacock MP for Barnsley East (Labour), Yvette Cooper MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford (Labour), Andrew Percy MP for Brigg & Goole (Conservative) and Holly Mumby-Croft MP for Scunthorpe (Conservative).

The workers are in a long running dispute with their employer Actavo (UK). But Unite says that the client, British Steel, must also take responsibility for this long running dispute.

The scaffolders have already taken 12 weeks of strike action in 2021. The workers are being paid up to 15 per cent below the agreed rate for the job under the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI). The union and thousands of supporters are calling on Actavo and British Steel to take responsibility for the 'mess' they have created by refusing to apply the national agreement and pay workers the rate for the job.

In his letter to the company Ed Miliband MP, who is also the Shadow Climate and Net Zero Secretary, wrote: “I am writing to you on behalf of my constituent to ask if Actavo and British Steel will meet with Unite as a matter of urgency with a view to ending this dispute…”

Stephanie Peacock MP urged Actavo to “engage positively” with Unite “as a matter of urgency to bring an end to the dispute”.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “Local MPs are putting pressure on Actavo bosses to end this dispute. It’s time Actavo listened. The scaffolders have begun continuous strike action and their union is 100 per cent committed to their cause. Support for their reasonable demand to be paid the rate for the job is also gaining political support. It’s time for British Steel and Actavo to end the intransigence and reach a deal with Unite.”

14,000 supporters have also signed Unite’s petition calling on Actavo CEO Brian Kelly to respect national agreements and pay his company's scaffolders the agreed rate for the job

Unite regional officer Richard Bedford said: “The scaffolders have their union’s unwavering support, they have public support and political support. It really is time for Actavo and British steel to get around the negotiating table so the scaffolders can get back to work.”


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Notes to editors:

Unite is the leading union in the UK and Ireland, dedicated to defending and improving members' jobs, pay and conditions. The general secretary is Sharon Graham.